The „Playboy“ Interview

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Dear friends, I understand that one of my media appearances has caused some of you to react. Good! Now it's going to be easier to apprehend when I say that I hope that my Playboy interview will have prompted an even greater reaction amongst its readers. Because this is my mission - to reach as many people as possible with the Good News and, if I do not cause their reaction, then I have not succeeded. And I believe it is not right to be closed behind walls, but on the contrary, we need to be sufficiently accessible and open to all who seek the truth.

It's strange how believers pray for years for influence, and when they are given one, they are afraid and isolated ... Admirations for the team of this edition, that they appreciated the opportunity to challenge their audience with me and what I have to say for God and the things we think we have, and in fact they have us. I share with you here the whole interview.