“Christian Tours International” also known as Mission:awakening is an organization, which missions to help believers visit the biblical places and sites all over the world!

Mission:Awakening is time for change. Time to get out from your daily routine in the rush cities and embark in God’s yearning to reach the nations.

Mission:Awakening is not just a tourist tour, but a missionary journey with one particular reason – awakening.

Mission:Awakening combine the amazing archaeology with strong evangelical meetings in the very same place in which The Bible is becoming more real and real.

Mission:Awakening is time to get answers of many of your Bible questions, grow your hunger for the Word and prayer, burn you up to be missionary of Jesus Christ and most of all draw you near to Him.

Mission:Awakening is time of a new beginning, time to get back to your first love.

Mission:Awakening is time of restoration, resurrection, time to wake up, time to regain consciousness and be shaken up.

Mission:Awakening is time of refreshment, time for Fresh Fire.