Meet Maksim Asenov


Maksim Asenov is an international speaker, life coach, top business leader, founder and senior pastor of the fastest growing church in Bulgaria - Awakening Church. He is also author of the national best-seller "7 decisions that will change your life NOW". 

Maksim has spoken at seminars and conferences in over 35 countries.

He is living proof that for God everything is possible. Growing up without a father, living without electricity and freshwater he was left to live on his own at the age of 15, Maksim becomes one of Bulgaria's finest. His mission is to help people become their best version and awaken the leader within.

Maksim lives in Sofia, Bulgaria with his wife Teodora and his two children.




As a person who generally doesn't like journals, diaries, notebooks and all kinds of complex gliders, but at the same time has dedicated his life to personal development and has spent more than 10 years reaching people from over 35 countries, I realized the need for an effective tool for personal development. One that is unpretentious, but performs those extremely important functions of keeping a diary: gratitude, motivation and goal setting, without which a person cannot be successful in the 21st century.

That's why in recent years I've tried all sorts of diaries and notebooks for personal development, extracting the best of them, and when I add what I would like, I created my own diary. This is the diary you hold in your hands.

I can say with confidence that this is the most unpretentious and at the same time the most effective weapon for personal development.

Go ahead and let this "Success Journal" be your guide to your dreams!

- Maksim Asenov


Witness my truth - these seven decisions have helped me to be the person I am today.

I am sure that everyone will find something valuable in them as well.

Enjoy the reading!