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Pastor Peter & Anna Fagerhov

/Nordanstigs Kristna Center, Sweden/

Maksim is a young revivalist that carries the presence and fire of God. He is a warrior for the Kingdom and a man for this time. Maksim walks in an apostolic anoiting with miracles, signs and wonders. We are impressed with Maksim’s maturity for his age, integrity and good character. He has a deep revelation of the word and preaches with authority. We believe he has a big calling to bring the harvest in and revival to the nations. Maksim is a wonderful friend and we just love him

Dr. Roberts Liardon

/Roberts Liardon Ministries/

Maksim is a rising voice in the harvest of nations for Christ. He combines the soundness of the scriptures with the moving of the power of the Holy Spirit in his life and services. This great combination creates the outstanding result miracles and healings that then causes a beautiful flow of people giving their lives to Jesus Christ. I proud to call him my friend and co-laborer for Christ in the nations.

Pastor Chris Palmer

/Chris Palmer Ministries & Light of Today Church/

Maksim Asenov is an anointed and powerful young man of God who is being raised up in this hour. Maksim has a dynamic teaching gift and demonstrates the Kingdom of God with signs and wonders that follow his ministry. He honors authority and has a wonderful grasp on theology, church history, and practical ministry. Any church would be blessed to have him come and minister--they would be all the more stronger for it. I highly recommend his ministry to youth and adults.

Robert Hotchkin

/XP Ministries/

I love being around and ministering with those who have a zealous faith fueled by the revelation of the goodness of God. Maksim knows and trusts the goodness of the Lord, and from that He flows in a powerful revival anointing expecting hearts, minds and bodies to be touched by the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. When Maksim ministers salvations happen, healings happen, miracles happen – because he knows, preaches, and releases the reality of the finished work of the cross for all people in all places at all times!

Pastor George Marin

/Grace Christian Church, Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA/

I count it a privilege to call Maksim Asenov a personal friend. He is a young man of God with the word of God in his heart and it proceeds out from for this generation. He is full of the spirit and wisdom beyond his years. It matters not the audience nor the venue, he is on target with the word of faith and encouragement for all people. His positive attitude and uplifting spirit will cause you to be blessed beyond measure.

Buba Azmanova

/Awakening Church, Sofia/

Everybody is writing about the minister Maksim, but I want to write about the person Maksi. I know him from a child. I was very close to him during his teenage years. There are so many things that I could say about him, but I will confine to a few.
First, he is faithful in the small things and he doesn't mutter why he doesn't have the big ones.
Second, he is very obedient and never asks questions like ``But how?`` or ``Why?``. He goes and submits quickly without a lot of considerations.
Maybe now is the time to say that everything what he shares about his childhood is true- I have seen it with my very own eyes. One night when Maksi was sleeping in the other room- I remember it as if it was yesterday- I woke up at 3 am and felt that God wants me to go in the living room. He was watching cassettes with preachings again and then God told me ``Not many boys at his age are watching this at that time.`` I felt that God is proud of him that he did that choice.
Maksim is a very practical and anointed minister of God!